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For the third straight month, my blog has set a record for page views. I topped 20,000 views for the first time in November, getting more than 20,606 views, 13 percent more than the 18,245 views I had in October.

Since I blogged some self-indulgent observations about the September and October records, I will do the same for November:

  • Romenesko still delivers traffic. When Poynter and Jim Romenesko parted ways Nov. 9, I blogged that I thought Poynter had unfairly suggest that he had plagiarized. Romenesko steered traffic my way several times when he was blogging for Poynter and linked to my blog. But I set a single-day record for views on my blog with the 2,020 hits on Nov. 10 (I filed my blog post late the evening of Nov. 9, because I had been on the road). While the Romenesko post, with 2,055 views, was the only post with over 1,000 views for the month, I still would have set a monthly record even without it.
  • Writing tips, which were my online staple back in my No Train, No Gain days, still draw interest. My second most popular post of the month, with nearly 900 views, was on writing leads. Posts on grammar and writing tight also got more than 200 views each. (more…)

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