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  1. Larry Altman of the Daily Breeze in Torrance, Calif., told me in an email how he worked a recent breaking story. It’s a great example of live-tweeting the unfolding story, with some good crowdsourcing and a correction supplied by the community. And it all starts with some excellent fundamental reporting.

    “I received a tip from a parent that Bishop Montgomery
    High School, a top area private school, was shut down for the day
    because of a threat posted on YouTube. I called police who confirmed it,
    but provided few details. Reporting began with a couple tweets.”

  2. Officials at Bishop Montgomery High School in Torrance cancelled classes today because of a threat that appeared on YouTube, police said.
  3. Altman continues his narrative: “I then filed a three-paragragh item to the web editor
    to post on the website and waited for more info. and kept tweeting and
    calling police, Archdiocese, and court because of another story I
    originally had been scheduled to cover.”
  4. If anyone has the link to the YouTube video please email it to me @ larry.altman@dailybreeze.com. And the original 1, you know what I mean.
  5. Closure at Bishop Montgomery was not scheduled. Looks like rest of the week has shortened days. Is it midterms week?
  6. Threatening video for Bishop Montgomery reportedly removed from YouTube. I know I can’t find it.
  7. Waiting on calls from archdiocese and police to explain BMHS threat. I have unconfirmed info, but won’t report yet. I’m old school.
  8. Altman again: “Police then call me and provide more info. Tweeting begins while still online with officer.”
  9. 16-year-old arrested in Bishop Montgomery High threat.
  10. 16-year-old boy allegedly made video threatening BMHS. No specific threats, but used a disguised voice on video, police said.
  11. Boy arrested Sunday on suspicion of making criminal threats. Felony.
  12. Cops: “It wasn’t a specific (threat) that it was going to be a bomb or something, but something very bad was going to happen.” #BMHS
  13. Again from Altman’s email: “Begin writing new story. Archdiocese spokesman calls. More tweeting.”
  14. Church spokesman on Bishop closure: “They erred on the side of having an abundance of caution.”
  15. Bishop student was taken to juvenile hall. Not sure if he’s still there. Name obviously not released.
  16. Altman: “Reader tweets question asking if I know kid’s name.”
  17. @LarryAltman. Who was it?? I go to bishop and I’m super curious
  18. @glitttterr Don’t know. Need you to tell me!
  19. @LarryAltman I’ll try to find out!
  20. More from Altman: “Finish writing story and send to online editor for posting. He also posts my Twitter feed on website. Cops agree to let me see threatening video. I drive to police station to view it.”
  21. Any students with insight on the Bishop threat or student, please contact me at 310-543-6655. Leave a message as I’m in the field.
  22. Altman: “After copying video, head back to office. Tweeting starts up again.”
  23. I have heard the recorded threat against Bishop that led to student’s arrest. Here it is in several parts:
  24. Here it goes: “Dear brothers and sisters of Bishop Montgomery. Recently our beloved friend (inaudible) was expelled….
  25. (contd) and so we are taking action. We are the resistance. It will be in three days of time. Bishop Montgomery shall fall….
  26. (cont’d) It shall decline. It shall never be the same. It will bounce, bounce, bounce to motherf—— hell and beyond, and so on and so on.
  27. (cont’d) Witchcraft and wizardry, our wands cut deep. We are your (inaudible). Catholics are our sheep and so on….
  28. (cont’d) We are anonymous. We are legion. We do not forgive. Expect us.”
  29. I suspect a bad auto-correct here. I’m thinking the writer meant “updates,” not “opiates”:
  30. @LarryAltman great job and thx for the opiates Larry.

    You rock, so does Ashley Curtin – My two favorites!

  31. @devonsodc thanks. Update up soon.
  32. UPDATED: 16-year-old allegedly threatened to send Bishop Montgomery campus ‘to hell’ – The Daily Breeze: bit.ly/tOQSF0
  33. @LarryAltman ironically, the character is based on Guy Fawkes, a 17th century English Catholic that plotted to blow up parliament.
  34. Readers have let me know the face in the threatening Bishop video was the character in “V for Vendetta,” not an evil wizard. I’ll rent it.
  35. Altman: “I keep reporting and tweeting. Cops send me the actual video. We post it.
  36. Here’s the video that caused Bishop Montgomery officials to close the campus today The Daily Breeze: bit.ly/vNkemu
  37. Parents say Bishop Montgomery threat followed expulsion of three students last week for making rap video including marijuana use, profanity
  38. @LarryAltman any more information regarding the closure?
  39. Altman: “Finished final version for web and print.”
  40. Updated updated update: Teen wanted to send Bishop Montogomery to hell — bit.ly/rPnBvh
  41. @LarryAltman the likeness of Guy Fawkes was a common sight at the occupy WS/ LA/DC protests. Good job on the coverage today. Scary stuff.
  42. @rpmcardle Yes, I have read up on this today. I plan to rent V for Vendetta soon….Used to always see it in the video store and passed.
  43. Hey, what do you know? V for Vendetta is on Thursday night at 9 on BBCHD. I’ll record it. #obsessedwithscrewingthatuptoday
  44. Thanks to help from community yesterday on Bishop story. Picked up 38 Twitter followers for 790. Hit 481 on facebook.com/southbaycrime.
  45. Readers supplied me with background on teens involved, videos, Facebook, etc. That’s how story got told.
  46. Prosecutors to file one felony count of making a criminal threat against teen in Bishop Montgomery case. Arraignment Wed in Ing Juvie Court.
  47. 16-year-old suspected of posting Bishop Montgomery threat charged – The Daily Breeze bit.ly/ucPArk

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