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  1. Continuing my discussion of live-tweeting as a reporting tool:
  2. @stevebuttry I saw your post the other day about court reporting using twitter. Do you have good examples of gvmnt/board meeting reporting?
  3. Here’s the blog post I wrote last week that prompted the question:
  4. My tweeps responded quickly to David’s question, even late at night, first with some live-tweeting by Patricia Doxsey, who also has done a great job of Twitter trial coverage:
  5. I knew you’d deliver! @OAinteractive RT @ivanlajara: @stevebuttry But of course! bit.ly/vLpnTC
  6. Thanks! I’ve seen this tool for sports scores, but never thought you could use it for gov. @stevebuttry @ivanlajara bit.ly/vLpnTC
  7. @stevebuttry @OAinteractive Pick the right ones. We livestream & add context with tweets for controversial or well attended meetings
  8. @OAinteractive @stevebuttry Even better when there’s a ‘blatant violation of the Open Meetings Law’ live
  9. Hope there are examples everywhere? MT @stevebuttry: @OAinteractive seeking examples of live-tweeting govt/board meetings (not courts).
  10. @ChrisLKeller Well, *good* examples. Mr. Buttry had some for court tweeting, & I was asking him about the gvmnt equivalent. @stevebuttry
  11. @stevebuttry @OAinteractive Here’s one by @scott_lilwall on @thecharrette: thecharrette.ca/2011/11/23…
  12. @stevebuttry @OAinteractive And here’s one from @Paulatics and others @edmontonjournal : coveritlive.com/index2.php…
  13. Thanks to my tweeps for these examples. I posed the question in the evening, and I expect to get more answers during the day, especially after I tweet this link. Please add your examples with tweets to me or in comments on my blog. Here are my suggestions for live-tweeting.

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