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This afternoon I’m leading a webinar for my Digital First Media colleagues, Twitter improves your journalism.

It’s a primer for journalists who aren’t yet making much use of Twitter yet. Most of the points I will be covering are in my updated Twitter tips for journalists, my live-tweeting suggestions my advanced Twitter tips or Twitter time management tips (which could stand an update; will try to do that soon) so I won’t repeat them here.

I’ll also share some tips I’ve blogged about relating to accuracy and verification, as well as tips from Craig Silverman and Mandy Jenkins:

Eight Simple Rules For Doing Accurate Journalism

B.S. Detection for Journalists

I also mentioned my @statesman case study and Andy Carvin’s Storify curation.

Update: I answered questions for the webinar in a separate post. In the Jan. 5 webinar, someone asked about building a local following on Twitter. I also promised to post a link to Advanced Twitter Search.

Here are my slides for the webinar:


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