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I have compiled all of my recent series on Digital First journalism as a pdf.

Yeah, it’s a little odd to present Digital First content in a format so people can print it. But I already acknowledged that the purpose of the series was to help people through a transition from print to digital. If you prefer print, here it is. I did this for my Blueprint for the Complete Community Connection and Mobile-First Strategy blog posts, and was surprised at how many people read the pdfs.

If you prefer to read them online, and missed any of them because of the holidays:

How a Digital First approach guides a journalist’s work

Digital First journalists: What we value

10 ways to think like a Digital First journalist

Leading a Digital First newsroom

How Digital First succeeds at making money

Here’s the pdf. I only include the comments where people used a full name. I edited them slightly, adding links to some comments and cutting out my responses that merely thanked someone for their comments. I also edited the blog posts slightly, cutting out references to upcoming posts and other small tweaks like that. I did not include the tweets that I added to a couple of the posts.


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