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Mimi and I have started a travel blog, 2 Roads Diverged. When we travel together, we each blog about the places we visit.

Mimi and I saw a lot of monuments this weekend. This one was at Antietam.

I won’t regularly plug that blog here, where people come for blog posts about journalism and media. But one of the 2 Roads Diverged posts deals with a media event. And I got such strong response to my keynote address at the Keystone Awards banquet in Gettysburg, I thought I’d let followers of this blog know about my other Gettysburg posts from the weekend:

A visit to the Eisenhower farm — and a lesson in leadership (by me)

The Eisenhower farm: a window to Ike’s and Mamie’s personalities (by Mimi)

Dad and Ike: military men who enjoyed painting (me)

Gettysburg: We can’t forget what they did here (me)

Saturday, 6/2/12 in Gettysburg (Mimi)

Livetweeting a journalists’ tour of the Gettysburg battlefield (me, with lots of tweets by Marc Charisse)

The Haunting Fields Antietam (Mimi)

Antietam: Monuments should depict the killing fields (me)

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