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    C’mon, Twitter, it’s past time to whitelist me. #asne12 #whitelistbuttry
    Wed, Apr 04 2012 09:08:43
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    Really, Twitter? I tweet too much even for you? #asne12 #whitelistbuttry
    Wed, Apr 04 2012 09:08:58
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    In the middle of the #asne12 Woodward & Bernstein panel, Twitter cut me off, saying I had tweeted too much. #whitelistbuttry
    Wed, Apr 04 2012 09:09:14
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    ASNE leaders have praised my live-tweeting of #asne12, but Twitter told me I had hit its rate limit: bit.ly/cTYpwq #whitelistbuttry
    Wed, Apr 04 2012 09:09:30
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    Apparently you’re only allowed to tweet 100 times in an hour. bit.ly/cTYpwq #asne12 #whitelistbuttry
    Wed, Apr 04 2012 09:09:41
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    .@jeffjarvis hit the same stupid limit when he was live-tweeting on the 9/11 anniversary. bit.ly/n0WPQw #asne12 #whitelistbuttry
    Wed, Apr 04 2012 09:10:09
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    Normally I appreciate being lumped w/ @jeffjarvis, but here I’d rather be lumped w/ @acarvin. #asne12 #whitelistbuttry
    Wed, Apr 04 2012 09:10:21
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    I hear that @acarvin has been whitelisted (good for you, Andy). bit.ly/gfQJ5Q #asne12 #whitelistbuttry
    Wed, Apr 04 2012 09:10:33
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    Change your name to @acarvin? RT @stevebuttry: … Twitter told me I had hit its rate limit .#whitelistbuttry
    Wed, Apr 04 2012 09:11:05
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    I switched to a 2nd account, @hatedyankees, where I usually tweet about baseball matters to waaay fewer followers. #asne12 #whitelistbuttry
    Wed, Apr 04 2012 09:10:54
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    Since I used #asne12, people following the hashtag or my liveblog still saw the tweets. wp.me/poqp6-22t #whitelistbuttry
    Wed, Apr 04 2012 09:11:32
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    I’ve blogged about Twitter’s crappy user experience & customer service: wp.me/poqp6-1Ee #asne12 #whitelistbuttry
    Wed, Apr 04 2012 09:12:05
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    But I’ve blogged more than 100 times about Twitter’s value to journalists: bit.ly/Hkbeaa #asne12 #whitelistbuttry
    Wed, Apr 04 2012 09:12:14
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    I understand you need to limit the use by spammers, Twitter. #asne12 #whitelistbuttry
    Wed, Apr 04 2012 09:12:29
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    But I don’t think most spammers have more than 3 times as many followers as they follow. #asne12 #whitelistbuttry #notsohumblebrag
    Wed, Apr 04 2012 09:12:56
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    My question to Twitter: What does a guy have to do to get whitelisted? #asne12 #whitelistbuttry
    Wed, Apr 04 2012 09:13:12
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    Would I be whitelisted if my updated Twitter tips 4 journos had been read 4K times? Check. wp.me/poqp6-1xd #asne12 #whitelistbuttry
    Wed, Apr 04 2012 09:13:47
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    Would I be whitelisted if my 2008 Twitter tips for journos had 3K views? Check. wp.me/poqp6-rE #asne12 #whitelistbuttry
    Wed, Apr 04 2012 09:14:37
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    Would I be whitelisted if I had 17 other blog posts about using Twitter w/ more than 1,000 views each? #asne12 #whitelistbuttry
    Wed, Apr 04 2012 09:14:47
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    Would I be whitelisted if my avatar proclaimed me “Mr. Twitter”? bit.ly/HgByRi #asne12 #whitelistbuttry
    Wed, Apr 04 2012 09:15:02
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    Would I be whitelisted if #DFnewscat said I am NOT ALLOWED TO STOP TWEETING? bit.ly/HTEDJs #asne12 #whitelistbuttry
    Wed, Apr 04 2012 09:16:30
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    Whoops! That should have been @DFnewscat (and I did edit this series of tweets). #asne12 #whitelistbuttry
    Wed, Apr 04 2012 09:17:24
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    Would I be whitelisted if Poynter called me a “super tweeter”? bit.ly/HxKoYp #asne12 #whitelistbuttry
    Wed, Apr 04 2012 09:17:38
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    I will be back tweeting at #asne12 again today (second session is just starting). #whitelistbuttry
    Wed, Apr 04 2012 09:18:50
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    If Twitter cuts me off again, you can follow me on @hatedyankees. #whitelistbuttry
    Wed, Apr 04 2012 09:19:09
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    But please, Twitter, don’t you think it’s time to whitelist me? #asne12 #whitelistbuttry
    Wed, Apr 04 2012 09:19:39
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    I you’re counting, and I know Twitter is, I have about 70 more tweets left this hour. #asne12 #whitelistbuttry
    Wed, Apr 04 2012 09:20:12

FYI, I updated this on Storify, adding responses. Republishing updated Storify posts to my blog hasn’t worked well lately, so I’ll just link, if you want to read the updated version.

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