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Christian PeacemakingDespite our shared heritage and upbringing, my brother Dan and I see the world from much different perspectives. I watch events with the detachment and analysis of a journalist. Dan, a minister and missionary, experiences the world with the passion of a participant

Our interests have overlapped considerably the past few weeks. I joined several other family members in the Kansas City area May 16, when Dan was awarded an honorary doctoral degree from Central Baptist Theological Seminary (good luck getting your little brother to call you “Dr. Buttry”).

As I wrote recently, I learned after the commencement that Dan was joining me in that large and growing fellowship of cancer survivors (he’s recovering from successful surgery for prostate cancer on Monday; I celebrate 10 years since my successful surgery for colon cancer in August and I’m more than four years past removal of a basal cell skin cancer). 

And when I wrote this week about photojournalists covering the “tank man” of Tiananmen Square, I knew I had to share the story with Dan. (more…)


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