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This continues my series of posts on advice for a new journalism professor. This is a guest post by Pam Fine, Knight Chair for News, Leadership and Community at the University of Kansas.

Pam Fine

Pam Fine

It’s not unusual to hear professors moan about grading, not just because it can consume entire weekends — which it often does — but because of the tension over how much and what kind of feedback on assignments is actually helpful.

Many professors I know, including myself, continually experiment with ways to provide comments that are constructive and instructive.

As some educational experts say, today’s college kids were “not allowed to skin their knees.”  So, it’s important to provide honest feedback in a way that’s effective for a generation used to getting positive reinforcement.

My advice is to be as clear as possible about your expectations, and self-edit so your key points stand out. (more…)

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