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Breaking news stories provide excellent examples of the value of digital tools. A fatal shooting in Troy, N.Y., Thursday showed how the Record is using the Digital First approach to breaking news.

Reporter Danielle Sanzone covered the story in text and video. The shooting story yesterday was followed by today’s arrest story.

Strong coverage on Facebook yielded 70 comments, 2 shares and 27 “Likes” (an awkward term for stories about violence), and the Record picked up about 35 new Facebook fans, Digital Specialist Tom Caprood reports. He used Storify to compile the various Facebook comments into one place. He deleted five or so inappropriate comments.

“Hopefully we’ll be able to duplicate a lot of this in the future outside of just breaking news,” Tom said in an email, “but it’s a great milestone to learn from and show how far we’ve come with our ‘Digital First’ efforts.”

Troy Record Facebook photo

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