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Airport lounge media useWhen your flight is delayed three hours, you have some time to observe your fellow travelers. So I walked around the lounges at Gates E5 and E6 at the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport, observing what people appeared to be doing and using.

Here are the numbers of people using various devices to pass their time:

  • Phone 13 (I can’t swear that I could tell an iPhone from an iPod, so it might be more accurate to say handheld device)
  • Tablet 11 (mostly iPads, but I noticed at least one Kindle)
  • Laptop 10
  • Book 6
  • Newspaper 4
  • Television 2 (some people were not sitting in position to watch TV)
  • Magazine 1

Three pairs of people were conversing with each other. One appeared to be working on some papers from his briefcase. I counted the woman pictured above as a laptop and a phone because, well, look.

I just counted the people I saw in a brief walk around the waiting lounge, trying to catch just the people in a particular area as I walked by, rather that counting people as they came and went. So the woman who just sat down across from me with a smartphone isn’t included. I did not count myself (keeping tabs on my iPhone, then blogging on my laptop) and I did not count Mimi (iPhone in hand, iPad on lap).

This is a small sample and just a snapshot. I don’t think any deep analysis here is merited, so I won’t attempt any. But I’m pleased that my company is pursuing a Digital First course.

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