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This is the eighth part of the personal content section of the Blueprint for the Complete Community Connection.

One of the best successes of newspaper companies in developing niche products has been web sites (and sometimes related publications) targeting mothers.

Gannett led the way with local “Moms” sites that evolved into the national site, MomsLikeMe. Other companies, including Cox and McClatchy, launched their own local sites. The Newspaper Next 2.0 report profiled the Cox projects focusing on moms in Ohio and Rich Gordon of Northwestern University wrote a case study of the IndyMoms project that launched Gannett’s effort. Because this topic has been examined thoroughly, I won’t elaborate on it much here, though I affirm that media companies need to target moms in their efforts to become the Complete Community Connection. 

Two points I would emphasize:

  • We need to sell products directly to moms for business customers. We need to register kids directly for activities.
  • We should consider whether we could draw the same sort of audiences with dads, again with content and revenue working together.

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