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I’ll be teaching Getting Started with Twitter this Tuesday and Thursday at Kirkwood Community College. This post is designed to supplement the course. It is an updated, adapted version of earlier tip sheets I have done, most recently the Getting started in Twitter tips I provided in August for my Using Social Media for Business class. Those tips, of course, focused on business uses for Twitter. These will include business and personal uses.
Twitter is a useful and fun communication tool for a variety of business and personal uses: 
  • You can follow activities and discussions of people in the community, staying current on issues and events.
  • You can connect with colleagues and share ideas with them.
  • You can follow the news. (more…)

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I will be teaching Getting Started with Twitter at Kirkwood Community College next week (still room in the course if you want to register or to refer friends).

I will probably edit and update the getting-started tips I used in September for my Using Social Media for Business course. This course differs from that one in a three respects: (more…)

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Whatever your business or profession and whatever social tools you are using, these tips apply in most social media situations:

  1. Decide what your goal is in using each social media tool and reassess from time to time how well the tool is serving that goal. (more…)

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In the spirit of social media, I asked my tweeps for their advice on using social media for business.

I’m teaching a course, Using Social Media for Business, starting Tuesday evening at Kirkwood Community College. I think you can still register for the course. I know a lot about using social media for journalism and I’ve learned a fair amount about using social media for business as well. But I knew the people I follow on Twitter would know way more than I do. So I asked them (I edited their email messages to me slightly; I did not verify statements they made about their businesses or their us of social media): (more…)

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I am crowd-sourcing my plans for two social media courses I will be teaching next month. I will be teaching two continuing education courses at Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids: Using Social Media in Business and Online Social Networks for 50+ (Kirkwood offers a series of computer courses geared for people over 50).

I am seeking help from two types of people:

  • Active social media users willing to share their experience and advice, particularly in areas where my experience is light.
  • Social-media newbies or wannabes (including people planning to take the courses) willing to tell what confuses you, how you want to use social media, what you want to learn. It would be especially helpful if you’re a newbie or wannabe in either of the groups targeted in the class: people 50 and older or people wanting to use social media in business.

Below is an outline of my plan for the course on social media for business (outline for the 50+ class will come shortly), with some questions for you in bold. I welcome your advice on the outline or your answers to the questions. And if this sound like a good course for  you or someone you know, I would appreciate your registration for the class or encouraging your colleague(s) to register. (more…)

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This will be my column in Monday’s Gazette:

I came to Cedar Rapids to do two things: Lead the news staff of The Gazette and GazetteOnline and change the way media companies operate.

I’m shifting my attention now full-time to the second pursuit: transformation.

I will not explain the changes in our news organization here. The staff is still working to understand what’s going on. I will leave it to leaders of that part of the organization to explain what they are doing. I will explain my new role. (more…)

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