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Journalism professor Julie Posetti has compiled a helpful analysis of the use of Twitter by political journalists in Australia, The #Spill Effect: Twitter Hashtags and Australian Political Journalism.

I highly recommend reading it and will deliberately not quote or summarize it extensively here because you should just read it. I will. though, note her summary of the various ways political journalists in Australia are using Twitter: (more…)


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I am glad to see the Journalist’s Toolbox has completed its move from the American Press Institute web site to the Society of Professional Journalists.

I helped make this match earlier this year when I was still at API. I heartily recommend it to journalists. It’s well-organized, with topical material on subjects you might report on, both timeless material that would be helpful on your beat and timely material on issues of the day (current links deal with covering the inauguration or the Obama administration).

Kudos to Mike Reilley, who developed the Toolbox years ago as his own product and has continued to update and expand it as it moved to API and now SPJ.

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