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This is the 10th part of the personal content section of the Blueprint for the Complete Community Connection.

The Complete Community Connection should not limit its personal content to the stages of life. We should develop personal content in areas that cross many different ages and stages.

In the community content section, I discussed the possibilities of developing sites used daily (or at least frequently) by drivers and home-owners, as vehicles to strengthen the traditional verticals of homes and cars. The jobs vertical may be harder to develop such a site, but we could present advice and discussion threads on work issues and career planning, a database of average salaries and wages for various jobs in our community, a cost-of-living comparison calculator for relocating workers, etc.

We could start other verticals along the same model, such as health, pets, hobbies and food. These topics can have some general community-type content, such as the current food sections of The Gazette and GazetteOnline. But they need to be personal as well, with people exchanging family recipes (and the personal stories behing them), pet photos and so on.

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