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I will be discussing my Complete Community Connection business model Thursday at the Iowa High School Press Association in Iowa City. This is the one-page handout. For more, read the full C3 Blueprint (38 pages as a pdf). Here are the slides for my presentation.

The business models that have supported newspapers (and broadcasting) for decades are breaking down. Some critical elements of the economic crisis facing media: (more…)

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I’ll be leading a Twitter workshop Thursday for the Iowa High School Press Association in Iowa City. Here is the one-page handout for that workshop, a shortened, student version of my Twitter tips for journalists. Here are the slides for the presentation to high school students.twitter_logo_header

Twitter is not as popular among high school students as some other social networks, but it still is an important tool for student journalists. Use among high school students is growing and it will be more important as you and your audience grow older. You can use Twitter to reach audiences not on Twitter: (more…)

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