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My dispute with Expedia has a happy ending, though that ending has nothing to do with any responsiveness from Expedia.

Summarizing what I blogged last week:

I booked a flight to Ottawa through Expedia, which confirmed the flight for $528.46, then tried to raise the fare to over $700. I got no satisfaction by calling “customer service,” but after I tweeted about my frustration, @Expedia tweeted that it would try to help. (more…)

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I thought I booked a flight Sunday to Ottawa, Canada, on Expedia.

I learned in a half-hour phone call with Expedia Tuesday that the travel service that invites you to “find your perfect trip” online doesn’t honor the reservations that it purports to make. So I won’t be flying to Ottawa on an Expedia reservation. Or anywhere. Ever again. I can’t understand a business that doesn’t honor its commitments.

My experience with Expedia underscores three important principles of doing business in the digital age: (more…)

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I was busy enough in June that I didn’t take time to blog about an interesting social-media experience. But when a similar thing happened this week, I decided it was time to take note.

I can’t recall how I first learned about TripIt, though it probably was from Mark Briggs, who was my first TripIt contact. I had already joined Dopplr, a travel-oriented social tool co-founded by my friend Dan Gillmor (who was a reporter assigned to me at the Kansas City Times before he became a new-media star). I travel a lot, so I figured I would try them both out and see which one I liked better. (more…)

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