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 This is the ninth part of the personal content section of the Blueprint for the Complete Community Connection.

Divorce is a life stage that obviously isn’t an opportunity for a celebration site, similar to weddings or graduations.

But it’s a big change when people have lots of jobs to be done and lots of new situations for which local businesses will want to connect with them. We should offer a site providing links (with opportunities for the business or organization to buy enhanced links) to counselors, lawyers, support groups, singles groups, churches, credit counselors.

We also can offer discussion opportunities for people experiencing divorce. We can offer multiple layers, with general content and services for anyone going through divorce and specialized content by gender and circumstances (custodial, non-custodial and joint-custody parents, hostile or amicable divorces, first-timers and multiple divorces).

In addition to the targeted advertising opportunities, this aspect of community connection may provide some lead-generation opportunities for the businesses listed above as well as real estate agents, landlords, car dealers and possibly other businesses who serve people who are starting anew. We might have some email opportunities — a template the divorcing person can use to send the news, along with new contact information, details and whatever, to family, friends and creditors.

Of course, the circumstances of divorce present some situations that might lead to malicious comments online, so in this format, we might reverse our trend to encourage or require identification and encourage or require use of fictitious screen names in discussion forums.

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