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This is the fifth part of the personal content section of the Blueprint for the Complete Community Connection.

College life may be one of the biggest challenges for a media company to develop personal content as part of a Complete Community Connection approach.

Lots of other sites are already providing college students opportunities for their own pages, whether on MySpace, Facebook or personal blogs. But we shouldn’t concede this group. Swocol provides a model for starting to connect college students in the communities or regions where they are attending school.

As mentioned in the graduation section, we can develop advertising and lead-generation possibilities with college bookstores and other merchants around campuses. These opportunities continue throughout college. Students can have standing and special-occasion gift registries, where parents can buy gift certificates, care packages and finals-week treats.

As mentioned in the section on assumptions, don’t assume that this is something we would do in competition with college media organizations. This might provide a perfect opportunity for partnerships, internships and a new model for cooperation. We should also explore the possibilites of working with, rather than competing with, Facebook. Whether we use Facebook groups, use Facebook Connect on our own sites or help local businesses connect with students on Facebook, the right approach might be using the platform where college students already spend much of their time.

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