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This is another post from the archive of my Training Tracks blog on No Train, No Gain, originally posted Feb. 16, 2005, with my updates in boldface. I did not try to track down all the people to provide updates, and did not interrupt the flow to provide most updates about individuals. Few of the people cited are still in their same positions. Where I could find links, the links provide updated information about the people named here. I am pleased to report that the Mid-America Press Institute still offers outstanding seminars for journalists. Clyde Bentley will be discussing mobile journalism at the first MPI seminar of 2011, Feb. 11-13 in St. Louis.

I usually have a pretty swift hand on the delete button for the advertising flotsam that fills my e-mailbox.

Messages hawking vi*agr@ or lower mortgage rates or cheating housewives fly out of my inbox with barely a glance. This message started like a credit card pitch, so it was nearly gone in a flash. But then I saw that it really was a personal message:

MPI St. Louis conference: $35

Plane flight: $200

Other expenses: $200

The uplift it gave my metro editor: Priceless

That message from Patti Ewald, managing editor of the Chronicle-Telegram in Elyria, Ohio, summarized the bang newspapers can get for our precious training dollars. (more…)

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