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KCRG While You Were Sleeping blogger Chris Earl responded by email to my request for advice from blogging journalists.  This is one of several posts related to Bloggers share lots of advice.

I would say, more than anything else, make it relevant to the reader.  As a blogger who “reports the news” on television, I try to relate to the viewer – not about what I do for a living – but the lives that we all live.  I try to bring them in with the nuances that we all have to go through.

What I find to be the real challenge is that, I read nothing but opinion blogs and stories in my free time.  Yet, as one in television, it is my job to play it down the middle.  The real work is creating interesting blog content that tries to bring on conversation but still has to tread lightly.

Growing a thick skin has always been part of being on-air in television.  I say, keep the comments up and just deal with it.  Often, if feedback or comments are mean-spirited, the poster comes off looking far worse than the blogger.

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