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I occasionally get invited abroad to teach about journalism, innovation or both. I enjoy the learning as much as the teaching.

I spent three days last week in Barnaul, Siberia, presenting workshops on interactive databases and my Complete Community Connection business model. My final presentation on C3 was part of a conference celebrating 20 years of independent press in Siberia (80 percent of Russian newspapers are government-owned, I learned through an interpreter, but the independent press has persevered for 20 years and gathered Friday to celebrate its past and consider its future).

I wouldn’t try to report on the full conference here. Before my own presentation, my concentration was split between the speaker and some tweaks I wanted to make to my own presentation. And listening through interpreters, even the outstanding interpreters helping me here, is a challenge. The faster the speaker, the more the interpreter has to summarize, and some passionate speakers got moving pretty fast. And jet lag has probably affected my concentration. (My wife, Mimi, blogged about our interpreters in her travel blog at Rubyeyedfox and I did an earlier post on the experience of teaching through interpreters.) (more…)

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