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I blogged in 2012 about Tim Tamimi developing a new header for my blog (below), in gratitude for a blog post about his mother several years ago. I’ve used it for about a year and a half now.

Well, Tim decided I needed to update the look, so he sent me a new logo for the blog. I post it again with much appreciation.

What do you think? Which do you prefer?

cropped-blog-header1.jpgHere are other headers I’ve used through the years:

Me at Bryce Canyon:


The sunset at Tofino, B.C.:


Flags lining the Shenandoah, Iowa, cemetery for the 2012 burial of my nephew, Brandon.

cropped-brandon-buttry-panoramic-flag-shot.jpegI don’t have a favorite. I’ve enjoyed each of them and I appreciate a change now and then. Thanks to Tim for noting that it was time for a change again.


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This post was published originally on the American Press Institute site on my old Training Tracks blog, April 20, 2007. It was one of several posts in my API days dealing with the Newspaper Next project, an API partnership with Clayton Christensen. I just blogged about Christensen’s most recent insights on the news businessBreaking News, in the Nieman Reports. I have updated or removed outdated links.

Visiting Bryce Canyon in 2007

I’ve done some exciting and inspiring travel in the past month.

I visited Bryce Canyon, where centuries of sedimentation followed by tectonic upheaval followed by wind and frost erosion left the earth in fascinating, massive columns of sandstone called hoodoos.

I visited Mainz, Germany, where in a darkened room of the Gutenberg Museum I looked at the first editions of the Bible printed with movable type and even older and more ornate Bibles crafted by hand.

I thought about the modern newspaper in both of these places where nature and man displayed these ancient treasures. (more…)

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After settling for the default WordPress blog theme for way too long, I have (with help from Jamie Kelly) mastered the rather simple steps of personalizing the blog and customizing some things I didn’t like about the appearance. I welcome your feedback on the appearance and ease of use.

I chose the photo of me at Bryce Canyon not just because it’s a beautiful place (though it is). As I wrote when I was at the American Press Institute, the newspaper business is not just experiencing a business cycle or erosion of readership. We are facing the kind of tectonic upheaval that created Bryce Canyon. I am hoping C3 can help us make something beautiful out of this change.

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