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I had some sharp criticism yesterday of Bill Reader, an Ohio University professor, who criticized TBD.com in a blog post.

Now I will praise Bill as someone who receives criticism thoughtfully and engages in positive discussion. While my criticism was sharp, it was not personal. Bill did not take it personally. He corrected some errors in his initial post and engaged me in discussion of the broader issues. While he has not corrected the premise with which I took issue, he has written a response, Additional thoughts on TBD, that grew from our discussion in emails, our blogs and blog comments. The response elaborates on his original points.

I agree fully with the respect he expressed for the TBD team. My colleagues at TBD are indeed, as Bill said, talented and hard-working journalists. I encourage other organizations to hire them quickly.

On some other points in this most recent post, I do not agree with Bill, but I don’t care to air those disagreements. This time, I respect his opinions and I’m quite comfortable letting him have the last word.

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Update: Bill Reader has responded both in the comments here and in a subsequent blog post (to which I responded).

It is against my nature to hold my tongue. Or my keyboard.

I have refrained from saying much publicly about the recent cutbacks at TBD because … well, because. The reasons are complicated and I still work here. I am reluctant to make much noise that might make life difficult for colleagues trying to find new jobs or for colleagues trying to continue working here. I aggregated various analyses of the business issues without comment, because I thought they were important to share.

But I do need to respond to Bill Reader’s assertion that the people here “never really did get a grasp on what community (or communities) TBD.com would be serving.” Reader, a journalism professor at Ohio University, is entitled to his opinions. But journalists who don’t bother to check their facts should be called out and Reader didn’t check his facts. I did check my facts. I asked him whether he had communicated with anyone at TBD in doing his research. His response: (more…)

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