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Entrepreneurial journalists make a mistake if they think advertising is their only potential revenue stream.

Our entrepreneurial journalism class at Georgetown University will focus tonight on exploring possible ways to make money beyond display advertising. I doubt that many organizations would want to pursue all these possibilities. Particularly if you’re a small organization or an individual, you will need to pick your shots carefully and decide which have the most potential and which are worth the time and money it would cost to try them. Some of these opportunities are tailored for the sole proprietor. Others work better for a larger organization or at least for an entrepreneur or team with specialized technical skills.

Here are some revenue streams we will discuss in class: (more…)

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Thanks to my former colleagues at the American Press Institute for allowing me to republish the 2008 Newspaper Next report I wrote for API: Be the Answer: Using interactive databases to provide answers and generate revenue.

Databases are a tool news organizations can use effectively (and don’t use often enough) to tell stories and provide answers for their communities, as well as to develop new revenue streams.

Some of the links in this report, which was published in December 2008, may no longer be active. But I still think the advice published here is some of the best I have ever given. I believe a news organization that follows the strategy outlined here will develop new revenue streams and profoundly deepen its relationship with its community.

I have also presented workshops on using interactive databases as described in this report. Contact me if you would like to arrange a workshop.

API also publishes other reports on issues in the news business.

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