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Annette Schulte, who blogged for about a year as the Gazette’s Content Ninja, answered my request to share a lesson she had learned. This is one of several posts related to Bloggers share lots of advice.

Lesson learned: Trolls. Successfully building an audience (no matter the size) on the Internet for your blog, puts you at risk of attracting trolls. I don’t mean the local crackpot with conspiracy theories who wants to debate the city’s hidden plans for Mount Trashmore. I mean the creepy, vicious bully type of troll who hides behind a pseudonym and an assumption that you’re not smart enough to block or find him. Thing to remember, no matter how insulting the troll gets, is that it’s probably just some dumb, pimply-faced 14-yo in study hall or a sad, lonely 40-something that you’ve never met and never will. Trolls wander about the Internet, using comment threads to lob anonymous insults and threats at bloggers in the hopes that you’ll respond and start a flame war. They do this for fun. They do this b/c the flame war gives them a sense of power and control. That’s why it’s so creepy. So what’s the lesson? Don’t feed the trolls. Don’t engage. Remove the comments. Block the IP address. Let the insults roll off. Links for more info and advice: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_troll,  http://networkbloggingtips.com/dealing-with-trolls-and-negativity/, http://communitiesonline.homestead.com/dealingwithtrolls.html.

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