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Guest-speaking at Northern Kentucky University, 2012

Guest-speaking at Northern Kentucky University, 2012

In my recent job hunt, a university (not LSU, where I’m now working) asked applicants for faculty jobs to submit a statement of teaching philosophy. It seemed to me more like something to cover in a job interview than a document to submit with your cover letter and CV, but I was interested in the job, so I wrote a brief statement and submitted it.

I expect that what I submitted in May, before I’d ever taught full-time, will change in subtle ways in the coming year. I’ve taught several times as an adjunct professor and many more as a guest speaker. And I’ve trained journalists hundreds of times. But as a full-time teacher, I know I’m a rookie with a lot to learn. But I suspect students and colleagues still might be interested in my teaching philosophy, since I went to the trouble of writing it. So here’s what I wrote:

However much knowledge or experience I have to share with students, the most important things I can teach them are how to make good decisions as journalists and how to learn. (more…)

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