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My notes from the International Journalism Festival would have worked better as tweets, both for immediacy and because they were a bit disjointed.

Wifi at the conference was spotty and I was able to livetweet only for Margaret Sullivan‘s keynote address on Saturday.

In addition, more than once, I’ve joined a session early or ducked out late, either because of appointments to meet fellow panelists or other friends or because I wanted to see overlapping panels. So in several cases, my notes cover only parts of sessions (the best parts, I hope). But I enjoyed each session, so I’ll share my disjointed notes here, starting with some tweets from the Sullivan keynote:

The 2009 Clay Shirky post that inspired Sullivan to join Twitter and become a more aggressive part of the digital revolution was Newspapers and Thinking the Unthinkable. I posted on the Shirky post at the time. (more…)

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