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Curt Chandler (Twitter avatar)

Thanks to Curt Chandler of Penn State for his quick response to my call for advice for a new journalism professor.

Curt presents an essential do (show examples) and a don’t (assume).

He has replied on his blog. If you’re interested, be sure to read the full post, linked above, but here are a couple highlights:

On assumptions:

We professors all too often assume that our students consume news the same way they did ten years ago, or even last semester. It’s very difficult to ask them to produce news if we don’t understand what — or where — they think news is.

On multimedia:

So I start every class by showing an example of good story telling that can be read, watched or listened to in five minutes or less. We call them multimedia moments.

Thanks to Curt for this important advice (again, go read it). And I’ll renew my invitation to other experienced journalism professors to continue sharing advice with Jenn Lord Paluzzi (who asked me for advice as she starts her first class) and other new journalism faculty. You can respond on your own blog, as Curt did, or I’d welcome a guest post here. Or you can offer your advice in the comments (I may aggregate some of those into a single post next week).

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