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Ogden Standard Examiner front page Nov. 22, 1963, Kennedy assassinationI am under no illusion that my thoughts or memories of the Kennedy assassination are any more insightful than all the others you’ve already read and heard for the last month or so.

But I do think the front pages my father saved from November 1963 are pretty interesting.

We lived in Sunset, Utah, at the time. I was a fourth-grader at Doxey Elementary School. My father saved the front page above from the evening edition of the Ogden Standard-Examiner, the daily paper delivered to our home. It apparently started Dad (and then me) on a couple lifetimes of saving historic front pages. This is the oldest of dozens of papers Dad saved over the next 15 years before his death. As the journalist in the family, I got his collection and added dozens (maybe hundreds) more.

Take a look at the front page above. Kennedy was shot at 12:30 a.m. p.m. Central time, 11:30 a.m., right on (or perhaps after) deadline for an evening paper. Clearly they just had enough time and material for one wire story (from UPI) and a file mug shot of the president. There isn’t even a wire photo from Dallas. (more…)

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With Thursday’s visits to the Deming Headlight and Silver City Sun-News, I have visited the newsrooms of every Digital First Media daily newspaper.

With some weeklies, a magazine and visits to four newsrooms that moved between visits and our national Thunderdome newsroom, I’ve visited 84 DFM newsrooms altogether.

I started trying to write some observations about the various newsrooms, but I guess much of that is what I’ve been blogging about here. So I’ll just observe this personal milestone. If I’ve missed a daily newsroom, please let me know. I still have some non-dailies I haven’t visited (though everyone is daily — even hourly — in Digital First). I look forward to reaching those newsrooms eventually.

These are the newsrooms I’ve visited:

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