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This post continues a series on advice for new top editors in Digital First Media newsrooms.

A managing editor (not from a Digital First Media newsroom) asked my thoughts about developing a plan for pay raises based on performance.

It’s a challenge many newsrooms face (or will face whenever current pay freezes are lifted): Media enterprises’ success is based on performance, so I suspect newsrooms will increasingly consider basing pay on performance. Here’s what my correspondent asked:

What sort of goals could we set for photographers, reporters and copy editors — and perhaps their respective editors who oversee them — that if met would result in a bonus?

I don’t really want to enact quotas for all of what we do, but perhaps that’s helpful.

Do you know how other newspapers who are becoming digital news organizations might reward employees or offer bonuses? Are there other editors you could put me in touch with if you don’t know? (more…)

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