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This continues a series on advice for new top editors in Digital First Media newsrooms. Some of the advice might be good for veteran editors, too, and for editors in other companies.

Chances are that your newsroom culture needs some disruption. Even in Digital First Media, where our digital urgency has been coming from the top for at least a year and a half (longer in former Journal Register newsrooms), the print roots are deep and strong. And we still are publishing newspapers, so we can’t entirely throw out the print deadlines and other considerations that drive the culture.

The editor needs to aggressively lead the transformation to Digital First priorities and culture. In your words and actions, you need to show that your newsroom’s top priority is covering your community digitally, with print production being something that flows from that. (more…)

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I participated in the International Journalism Festival last week in Perugia, Italy.

It was one of the best journalism events I’ve attended in my career. I was busy enough that I didn’t blog about it, beyond a post on paywalls to accompany my appearance on a panel discussing the topic and a post with links and slides for my presentation about ethical aggregation.

Here are videos from my panel discussions in Perugia (some of the panelists are speaking Italian):

On hyperlocal news:


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I led an engagement workshop Wednesday for journalists in the Colorado/Utah cluster of Digital First Media.

Thanks to Dan Petty, Kim McDaniel, Aimee Heckel, Jessica Benes and Kelly Metz for leading different segments of the workshop.

Below are the slides used in the workshop. Aimee used Prezi presentations and links from her blog for presentations on interactive graphics and on using the iPad for reporting. You also might find slides and links from our March engagement workshop in West Chester, Pa., helpful. If you’d like, you can also replay the livestream.

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