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I will be leading a workshop this afternoon on ethical aggregation at the conference of the American Copy Editors Society.

I will draw heavily on points from my earlier blog posts on aggregation and curation. I also commend to your attention Maria Popova’s Curator’s Code.

Here’s the definition I will use:

I also mentioned this tweet from Andy Carvin and the subsequent Storify account of how he found his answers and his book Distant Witness (which I haven’t read yet, but a participant said the episode is discussed in the book).


Here are my slides for the workshop:

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I am participating today in the National Summit to Fight Plagiarism and Fabrication. For the past few months I have been working with an outstanding group of colleagues on an ebook, Telling the Truth and Nothing But, intended to help journalists and newsrooms prevent plagiarism and fabrication.

Before I share my contribution from the book, I must applaud three people in particular who drove this process:

I was pleased to represent the Online News Association and Digital First Media in the project and applaud the others who contributed (who are listed at the back of the book).

The project is summed up well in this passage (which I didn’t write, but wish I had; would the author please identify himself or herself?):

Our hope is that  it’s sufficiently provocative and practical to prompt in every newsroom in every medium a habit of asking a question that’s been grunted by generations of grizzled editors: “Says who?” (more…)

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British journalist Richard Kendall asked my advice on making daily newsroom budgets (called “news lists” over there) “more multi-platform neutral/friendly.”

I’ll offer my suggestions, but first will ask my Digital First Media colleagues (and other journalists) to share your own advice, including examples. Either provide a link if your budget is online or upload to Document Cloud, Scribd or SlideShare and add a link in the comments or email to me at stephenbuttry (at) gmail (dot) com.

My suggestions for a Digital First news budget are below. How you would carry it out might vary depending on your newsroom’s communication system and content management system(s). It also might vary depending on whether your budgets include content from wire services and other external providers (such as the Thunderdome national newsroom for DFM newsrooms). But I suggest a shared Google spreadsheet (or a Google Form feeding a spreadsheet) with some or all of the following columns (order may vary, but I am listing them in the order I think a Digital First newsroom might want them). My boldface is the suggested column header. Following is a suggestion for how it should be filled in: (more…)

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