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British journalist Richard Kendall asked my advice on making daily newsroom budgets (called “news lists” over there) “more multi-platform neutral/friendly.”

I’ll offer my suggestions, but first will ask my Digital First Media colleagues (and other journalists) to share your own advice, including examples. Either provide a link if your budget is online or upload to Document Cloud, Scribd or SlideShare and add a link in the comments or email to me at stephenbuttry (at) gmail (dot) com.

My suggestions for a Digital First news budget are below. How you would carry it out might vary depending on your newsroom’s communication system and content management system(s). It also might vary depending on whether your budgets include content from wire services and other external providers (such as the Thunderdome national newsroom for DFM newsrooms). But I suggest a shared Google spreadsheet (or a Google Form feeding a spreadsheet) with some or all of the following columns (order may vary, but I am listing them in the order I think a Digital First newsroom might want them). My boldface is the suggested column header. Following is a suggestion for how it should be filled in: (more…)

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