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We’re rolling out the Mobile Journalism Lab at the Bay Area News Group this evening at the Hometown Heroes event in Oakland, Calif.

This is the third mobile community media lab for Digital First Media, joining TC Rover in the Twin Cities and NewsVroom in York, Pa.

The Bay Area News Group will use the News MoJo for community engagement and news coverage throughout the San Francisco Bay area.

The van debuts at an event in downtown Oakland celebrating BANG’s Hometown Heroes partnership with Comcast.

The external graphics aren’t ready yet, so tonight’s event is a soft launch.

The NewsMoJo will provide classes in digital media tools throughout the Bay Area as well as provide a rolling newsroom for journalists on our staffs to use in covering breaking news and events.

I’ll update with photos through the evening.

Digital First Regional Engagement Editor Martin Reynolds, left, shows off the NewsMoJo to Jessie Mangaliman:


NewsMoJo is equipped with iPads, smartphones and ThinkPads for public use and hot spots to provide free public wi-fi:


Posters inside the Rotunda at the Frank H. Ogawa Plaza tell the stories of Bay Area Hometown Heroes:


Katherine Rowlands, East Bay Metro Editor, explains the Bay Area News Group’s commitment to community engagement and local news:


Visitors check out the iPads in the NewsMoJo:



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I will be leading workshops on Twitter this week for four newsrooms in the Bay Area News Group. I will use tips or techniques from many, perhaps all, of my #twutorial posts:

Step one for using Twitter as a reporter: Master advanced search

Use lists, TweetDeck, HootSuite, saved searches, alerts to organize Twitter’s chaos

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Advice and examples on how and what journalists should tweet

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Updated Twitter time management tips

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#Twutorial guest post from Alexis Grant: A simple Twitter strategy that will dramatically grow your network

#Twutorial guest post from Deanna Utroske: Tips for twinterviewing

#Twutorial guest post by Menachem Wecker: How to use Twitter to find the best sources

#Twutorial guest post by Jaclyn Schiff: How using Storify can help you find great sources

Getting started on Twitter: #twutorial advice for a friend

Should a journalist livetweet a funeral? If so, how?

Use Twitter for conversation about an event, not just promotion

How to verify information from tweets: check it out

In addition, these two posts that predate the #twutorial series cover some of the points I’ll make in the workshop:

Suggestions for livetweeting

Updated and expanded Twitter tips for journalists

I may use this Andy Carvin Storify acount as an example as well as this Denver plane crash.

Here are the slides for my workshop today (I may not use all the slides and probably won’t get to the case study that the last several slides cover):

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