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If I were a dad or mom serving in Afghanistan, and my son was playing in his biggest high school football game of the year, I would love to watch that game online.

If my child played for unbeaten Ridley High School in Pennsylvania, I would be really steamed at the controlling administrators of that school, who won’t allow the Delaware County Times to livestream Ridley’s game with 6-1 Springfield.

Delco Editor Phil Heron explains the matter in his blog this morning.

Apparently the Ridley administrators don’t understand the excitement of a live high school football game. They imagine that if the game is livestreamed, some fans would choose watching at home on a computer to attending and high-fiving each touchdown with the fans around you.

That is nonsense. The livestream takes the game to parents, students and other fans who work evening shifts, travel for a living or are serving our nation abroad. If you’re such a parent, you can find the athletic director’s phone number here and the principal’s phone number here to demand that he approve the livestream.

Shame on the Ridley administrators for keeping tonight’s big game from those parents and fans.

Phil and I have started a #streamridley hashtag to seek support for changing this misguided decision:



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