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Jim Romenesko had some fun today with Google’s autocomplete feature, asking “Why is …” questions about various media organizations and figures.

The frequent searches for such as the New York Times, Washington Post (this one gave me a laugh), Rupert Murdoch and Rachel Maddow give you some insight into how people perceive them. Sorry, I won’t complete any of them here. You’ll have to read Jim’s post to see them.

But he didn’t search Digital First Media, so I did:

I tried some other searches related to our company (John Paton, Steve Buttry, Thunderdome) and none of them produced anything very interesting. Well, except this one:

Those appear to be searches relating to the former Reagan press secretary.



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Journalists often ask me how to build a following on Twitter. It’s really pretty simple:

  1. Tweet frequently.
  2. Have something interesting to say.
  3. Livetweet events and breaking news.
  4. Find and follow people who share your interests.
  5. Join the conversation.
  6. Give more than you ask for.
  7. Join tweetups and Twitter chats.
  8. Be yourself.

I was tempted to end this post right there, because this really is simple. But I’ll elaborate, with the acknowledgment that even with elaboration it’s all simple.

Let’s start by addressing the notion of “followers.” If you just think of the people reading your tweets as “followers,” that might be part of the problem. That feels and sounds like a one-way relationship (or two sets of one-way relationships, when combined with the people you follow. Twitter is most valuable as a conversation, so think of followers and the people you follow as your Twitter community or simply as your tweeps. And here’s how you grow your circle of tweeps: (more…)

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