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My #twutorial posts have been too long, so I’m going to share a short list today to help journalists use Twitter more effectively. I’ll provide some answers to a question I often hear from journalists: Who should I follow (yeah, I know it should be whom, but that’s how they ask)?

  1. Use Twitter’s “who to follow” feature (yeah, that should be whom, too) to search for officials and agencies on your beat and other regular sources and follow them.
  2. When you interview people, ask them for their usernames and their organizations’ usernames, find them in the Twitter app on your phone and follow them right there as you’re talking to them. (more…)

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Filling one of Thunderdome’s conference rooms for a Thursday meeting (clockwise): Robyn Tomlin, back to camera, Mark Lewis, Julie Westfall, Karen Workman, Chris March, Jim Brady, Mandy Jenkins, Angi Carter, Ryan Teague Beckwith and my empty cupcake wrapper.

Thunderdome is happening, Baby!

I was in our Thunderdome newsroom this week, and we filled a conference room with journalists and creative energy. Our new curation team was working on a long-term project and some daily work. New politics channel manager Ryan Teague Beckwith was brainstorming convention and campaign coverage with the curation team. Thunderdome Editor Robyn Tomlin was interviewing job candidates. We ate too much cheesecake, cupcakes and gourmet chocolates. Digital First Editor-in-Chief Jim Brady and I told funny stories about embarrassing things we’d done. This is feeling like a newsroom. (more…)

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