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Dear Newsroom Curmudgeon,

I sometimes share your anxiety and occasionally share your concerns about some of the changes in journalism. I learned journalism in the old school, same as you. I am steeped in the same values of accuracy, fairness, dogged reporting and good writing that you cherish. But I’m having as much fun as I’ve ever had in more than 40 years in journalism, I have as high regard for my colleagues’ work as ever and I’m as optimistic as I’ve ever been about the future of journalism and the news business. If you would like work to be fun again, if you’d like to be optimistic again (or, if you never were, to finally be optimistic), I’m writing to tell you about the fun and optimism that I find in journalism.

I wrote about you last fall, but you probably didn’t read that blog post. You’re probably not a regular reader of my blog or a regular user of Twitter, where a lot of journalists learned about that post. Maybe you’re reading this because a colleague emailed you a link or printed it out for you. That’s OK. I’m writing this because an editor asked me recently how to deal with curmudgeons who resist learning the skills, tools, techniques and principles of digital journalism. I gave him an answer off the cuff and sent him a link to that earlier blog post. But upon reflection, I think the best way to deal with a curmudgeon is to talk candidly and directly with him or her. So I’m doing that. (more…)

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David Cohn

David Cohn has decided to leave Spot.us, the crowdfunding project he launched in 2008.

I am blogging this from a conference room of the American Society of News Editors convention (a group that would really benefit from Dave’s presence and membership). I don’t have time to blog at length, but I will say this:

  • I think Spot.us might be the best community engagement startup I’ve seen in journalism. Without question, it’s one of the best.
  • Journalism needs people like Dave who combine digital savvy and journalism ethics with a commitment to quality journalism. I can’t wait to see what he does next.
  • Dave was a guest speaker by Skype with my American University entrepreneurial journalism class last year. He was generous with his time and provided both useful insight and inspiration to the students.
  • Every time I have crossed paths with Dave at News Foo, the Reynolds Journalism Institute and digitally, I feel smarter and uplifted because of sharing his creativity, insight and energy.
  • I enjoyed our “Generations in the desert” blog exchange in 2010. Dave is one of the reasons I am optimistic that his generation of journalists will serve our nation and our communities in outstanding ways.

I can’t wait to watch the next chapter of his career unfold.

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    C’mon, Twitter, it’s past time to whitelist me. #asne12 #whitelistbuttry
    Wed, Apr 04 2012 09:08:43
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    Really, Twitter? I tweet too much even for you? #asne12 #whitelistbuttry
    Wed, Apr 04 2012 09:08:58
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    In the middle of the #asne12 Woodward & Bernstein panel, Twitter cut me off, saying I had tweeted too much. #whitelistbuttry
    Wed, Apr 04 2012 09:09:14
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    ASNE leaders have praised my live-tweeting of #asne12, but Twitter told me I had hit its rate limit: bit.ly/cTYpwq #whitelistbuttry
    Wed, Apr 04 2012 09:09:30
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    Apparently you’re only allowed to tweet 100 times in an hour. bit.ly/cTYpwq #asne12 #whitelistbuttry
    Wed, Apr 04 2012 09:09:41
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    .@jeffjarvis hit the same stupid limit when he was live-tweeting on the 9/11 anniversary. bit.ly/n0WPQw #asne12 #whitelistbuttry
    Wed, Apr 04 2012 09:10:09
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    Normally I appreciate being lumped w/ @jeffjarvis, but here I’d rather be lumped w/ @acarvin. #asne12 #whitelistbuttry
    Wed, Apr 04 2012 09:10:21
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    I hear that @acarvin has been whitelisted (good for you, Andy). bit.ly/gfQJ5Q #asne12 #whitelistbuttry
    Wed, Apr 04 2012 09:10:33
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    Change your name to @acarvin? RT @stevebuttry: … Twitter told me I had hit its rate limit .#whitelistbuttry
    Wed, Apr 04 2012 09:11:05
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    I switched to a 2nd account, @hatedyankees, where I usually tweet about baseball matters to waaay fewer followers. #asne12 #whitelistbuttry
    Wed, Apr 04 2012 09:10:54
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    Since I used #asne12, people following the hashtag or my liveblog still saw the tweets. wp.me/poqp6-22t #whitelistbuttry
    Wed, Apr 04 2012 09:11:32
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    I’ve blogged about Twitter’s crappy user experience & customer service: wp.me/poqp6-1Ee #asne12 #whitelistbuttry
    Wed, Apr 04 2012 09:12:05
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    But I’ve blogged more than 100 times about Twitter’s value to journalists: bit.ly/Hkbeaa #asne12 #whitelistbuttry
    Wed, Apr 04 2012 09:12:14
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    I understand you need to limit the use by spammers, Twitter. #asne12 #whitelistbuttry
    Wed, Apr 04 2012 09:12:29
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    But I don’t think most spammers have more than 3 times as many followers as they follow. #asne12 #whitelistbuttry #notsohumblebrag
    Wed, Apr 04 2012 09:12:56
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    My question to Twitter: What does a guy have to do to get whitelisted? #asne12 #whitelistbuttry
    Wed, Apr 04 2012 09:13:12
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    Would I be whitelisted if my updated Twitter tips 4 journos had been read 4K times? Check. wp.me/poqp6-1xd #asne12 #whitelistbuttry
    Wed, Apr 04 2012 09:13:47
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    Would I be whitelisted if my 2008 Twitter tips for journos had 3K views? Check. wp.me/poqp6-rE #asne12 #whitelistbuttry
    Wed, Apr 04 2012 09:14:37
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    Would I be whitelisted if I had 17 other blog posts about using Twitter w/ more than 1,000 views each? #asne12 #whitelistbuttry
    Wed, Apr 04 2012 09:14:47
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    Would I be whitelisted if my avatar proclaimed me “Mr. Twitter”? bit.ly/HgByRi #asne12 #whitelistbuttry
    Wed, Apr 04 2012 09:15:02
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    Would I be whitelisted if #DFnewscat said I am NOT ALLOWED TO STOP TWEETING? bit.ly/HTEDJs #asne12 #whitelistbuttry
    Wed, Apr 04 2012 09:16:30
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    Whoops! That should have been @DFnewscat (and I did edit this series of tweets). #asne12 #whitelistbuttry
    Wed, Apr 04 2012 09:17:24
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    Would I be whitelisted if Poynter called me a “super tweeter”? bit.ly/HxKoYp #asne12 #whitelistbuttry
    Wed, Apr 04 2012 09:17:38
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    I will be back tweeting at #asne12 again today (second session is just starting). #whitelistbuttry
    Wed, Apr 04 2012 09:18:50
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    If Twitter cuts me off again, you can follow me on @hatedyankees. #whitelistbuttry
    Wed, Apr 04 2012 09:19:09
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    But please, Twitter, don’t you think it’s time to whitelist me? #asne12 #whitelistbuttry
    Wed, Apr 04 2012 09:19:39
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    I you’re counting, and I know Twitter is, I have about 70 more tweets left this hour. #asne12 #whitelistbuttry
    Wed, Apr 04 2012 09:20:12

FYI, I updated this on Storify, adding responses. Republishing updated Storify posts to my blog hasn’t worked well lately, so I’ll just link, if you want to read the updated version.

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I am again using CoverItLive to compile tweets from the American Society of News Editors 2012 convention. You can participate using the #asne12 hashtag.

ASNE 2012 Convention final day

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I Storified yesterday’s tweets from the first day of the 2012 American Society of News Editors convention in Washington: ASNE 2012: Mobile apps and covering war.

Today, I will feed my tweets and others with the #asne12 hashtag into the live event linked below, starting around 8:30 Eastern time. Speakers include President Barack Obama, Bob Woodward, Carl Bernstein and Arianna Huffington.
ASNE 2012 convention

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I know you’re planning to watch tonight’s basketball game. I am, too. But I already know the big winners of the March bracket: The Trentonian and First N’ Ten.

After a competitive month with strong community engagement, the Trentonian’s Facebook fans have chosen the best bar in Trenton. Jeff Edelstein, columnist and engagement whiz, who says his role was simply to “publicize on social media and host our live TV bits,” explains (lightly edited):

Our editor, Mike Topel, had the idea to have a “best bar” tourney to coincide with March Madness. He enlisted Joe D’Aquila to figure it out. Joe and I then posted on our FB’s and Twitter, and on the Trentonian’s, looking for nominations. Relatively unscientific, but it worked. Got 32 entries. Picked ’em out of a hat. Joe set up Facebook polls on the Trentonian page for the first round.

Honestly, I was expecting blah results.

I was blown away. (more…)

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I wrote a couple years ago about the misleading paywall announcements when three Gannett sites were testing paywalls. Now that Gannett is charging further down that futile path, the Lansing State Journal has perfected the obfuscated paywall announcement.

I’ll break it down by paragraph, describing the content:

  1. Self-praise.
  2. Self-praise. (more…)

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