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I did not expect to write a second follow-up to the tragic story of a death on the Amtrak tracks. But this is an amazing story about a lost dog that should not get lost in a comment.

Some background: I was riding home from New York on Amtrak the morning of Feb. 24, when our train was stopped a little past midnight. We ended up waiting nearly three hours in northern Maryland while police and emergency crews investigated the death of a trespasser on the tracks. I, of course, live-tweeted the experience, then Storified it.

On March 2, I updated, noting that Amtrak Police had identified the woman struck by the train. I thought that was the sad end of the story. But a commenter identified as Aimee left a link on that blog post, telling another bizarre chapter in the story. I encourage you to read the full story by Lisa Broadt in the Cecil Whig, about a stolen dog finally finding his way home. (If you hit a paywall on that link — I didn’t, but a friend did — you can read the story here.)

Amazing. Good story.


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