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As you get ready to watch coverage of the Iowa caucuses tonight, I offer my favorite Iowa videos:

Iowa Nice:

Iowa Nice (the clean version, which you should watch if foul language offends you):

Where in Iowa is Jeff? (a Hawkeye/Cyclone version of Where in the World is Matt?):

And a video I did about a famous Iowa photograph:


Homecoming revisited from GazetteOnline.com on Vimeo.

What are some other fun or interesting Iowa videos I should watch (and share)?

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Iowa Caucus Game

Iowa Caucus Game, 1983

I’ve had a lot of fun covering the Iowa caucuses. It feels odd to be mostly sitting this one out.

Last week I noted that I think it’s time for Iowa to relinquish its place at the front of our nation’s political line (or for political parties or federal legislation to reform the process, giving other states a turn).

Today, as Iowans get ready to caucus, I’ll note that, whether the caucuses should be first forever or not, they’ve been a fun story to cover and I’ll share a few memories from covering caucuses in four decades. (Memories is a key word here. Most of these caucuses were long enough ago that news accounts are not easy to find online. I didn’t do extensive research to verify the accuracy of all my memories, though I did verify all the caucus results – and remembered them accurately.) (more…)

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