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Sometimes people who are making good use of a social media platform still overlook a basic step or two. Like including a web link in your profile.

Take a few moments to check out your basic profiles on such social tools as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn or About.me. Twitter allows a single link in your profile. Others allow multiple links (I have lots of links in my Google and About.me profiles and still haven’t hit the limit, if there is one). (more…)

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Sometimes I want to slap my forehead when I hear an idea so simple that I should have thought of it myself ages ago. Then I sigh and steal the idea.

At a meeting this week with Denver Post colleagues, they noted that their tweets promoting staff-written content include the staff member’s username:


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I’m leading an advanced Twitter workshop for journalists at the New Haven Register today. I’ll be trying to help journalists who are using Twitter some, perhaps to tweet links to their stories, but aren’t making full use of Twitter to do better journalism.

We’ll be livestreaming and liveblogging the workshop. Please share your tips and examples using the hashtag #twittertips.

Most of the points I will be covering are in my updated Twitter tips for journalists or my live-tweeting suggestions, so I won’t repeat them here. We’ll also talk about crowdsourcing and curation, which I have blogged about separately. I’ll also share some tips I’ve blogged about relating to accuracy and verification, as well as tips from Craig Silverman and Mandy Jenkins: (more…)

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I have noted before that journalists and news organizations should be conversational in social media. Here’s another reason why: Facebook clusters autofeeds together in its News Feed, which means that fewer people might see them and click your links.

In a comment on my post about syncing Facebook and Twitter accounts, Graham Gudgin wrote:

But I think there’s another reason for doing this that you may have overlooked. Facebook seems to have recently “downgraded” status updates coming from other applications. For example, people who have set up their blogs to auto-post to Facebook have been reporting that, whereas they used to get plenty of comments on Facebook about their updates, they’re not getting them to the same degree. It is thought that Facebook is trying to encourage people engaging ON Facebook, so is not making these auto-updates from other applications quite as visible as before. (more…)

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I need to make better use of Facebook.

When I started using Facebook almost four years ago, I understood the basic idea: connecting and reconnecting with friends. I enjoyed some of that right away, finding an old college friend I hadn’t seen or heard from in years and staying in better touch with lots of other friends.

But I didn’t understand other things: For instance, I found it annoying when a friend wanted to compare favorite movies. I didn’t want to annoy the friend by not playing, but I didn’t really care to find out if I was “soulmates” with a casual friend (as one game suggested about a friend with similar favorite movies). Somehow, I don’t think soulmate is defined as someone you drift out of touch with until a computer program finds the person.

As I was trying to figure out Facebook, I started using Twitter, which was even more confusing at first (fewer friends were using, and I didn’t understand the 140-character limit). But as I started to understand Twitter and use it more, it quickly soared past Facebook in my understanding, appreciation and use. (more…)

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This is a trivial and self-indulgent blog post about my blog. I’ll share some facts and observations about the busiest month ever on my blog, 17,635 page views, passing my previous record of 16,119, set in June:

  • Joining Journal Register Co. has significantly boosted traffic to my blog. Five of my seven busiest months, including the four busiest, in terms of traffic have been since I went to work for JRC in June.
  • Posts about social media, especially Twitter, have always attracted good traffic on this blog. My live-tweeting post (Sept.6) drew the most traffic for the month, 2,171. Second was my Sept. 17 post on persuading curmudgeons to use Twitter, 1,437. Fourth was my Sept. 8 post listing social media resources for journalists, 1,138. Even my Aug. 19 Twitter tips for journalists continued to do well in September, 733. And my Aug. 25 post on engaging through newsroom Twitter accounts got 331 September views. My Sept. 1 post, encouraging sports staffs to promote and curate Friday Night Tweets, didn’t do as well, just 241. Various other new and old Twitter-related posts combined for more than 1,000 views. Altogether, that’s more than one-third of my traffic coming to posts relating to Twitter. (more…)

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I enjoyed a rare treat Saturday: a writing workshop. I’ve been to dozens of writing workshops through the years, some as a participant, some as a speaker. But I don’t think I’ve been to a full-day writing workshop since 2008. But Saturday at Georgetown University, I enjoyed a full day focused on writing.

Most of my teaching these days relates to digital journalism skills related to writing: tweeting, curating, crowdsourcing, blogging. But Saturday’s workshop was just about writing. (more…)

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