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Brian Moritz asks a question you face in almost every newsroom addressing the challenges of digital journalism: How do you “convert” the curmudgeons?

In a comment on my recent blog post providing social media resources for journalists, Brian, a Syracuse graduate student, asked:

There are some reporters (mainly older vets, but a surprising number of young ones, too) who just do not like Twitter. At all. Think it’s a waste, that it’s ruining our craft. Won’t even give it the time of day. How do you convert these people? How do you get them to the point where they are willing to even honestly give Twitter a chance?

I have two responses: one optimistic and helpful and one dismissive. (more…)


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I will be leading a workshop on accuracy and verification today with Craig Silverman for Georgetown University.

My slides and Craig’s are below. Some resources Craig and I (and others) have developed to help journalists ensure accuracy:

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