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Update: Bill Reader has responded both in the comments here and in a subsequent blog post (to which I responded).

It is against my nature to hold my tongue. Or my keyboard.

I have refrained from saying much publicly about the recent cutbacks at TBD because … well, because. The reasons are complicated and I still work here. I am reluctant to make much noise that might make life difficult for colleagues trying to find new jobs or for colleagues trying to continue working here. I aggregated various analyses of the business issues without comment, because I thought they were important to share.

But I do need to respond to Bill Reader’s assertion that the people here “never really did get a grasp on what community (or communities) TBD.com would be serving.” Reader, a journalism professor at Ohio University, is entitled to his opinions. But journalists who don’t bother to check their facts should be called out and Reader didn’t check his facts. I did check my facts. I asked him whether he had communicated with anyone at TBD in doing his research. His response: (more…)

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