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Judge Terry Wilson with, from left, rear, Mandy, Maya, Matt, Chelsea; front, Whitley, Shay, Denzel, Ethan

An update on my great niece, Maya, from Haiti: Her adoption became final in Iowa yesterday.

Tony Leys wrote a great story in the Des Moines Register this morning, accompanied by Andrea Melendez photos: (more…)

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Update: Since posting this, I have also hired Mandy Jenkins and Daniel Victor.

I got scooped on my own announcement. And I couldn’t be happier.

Over the last few days, I reached agreements with Jeff Sonderman and Lisa Rowan to take the first two positions on our community engagement team. As they were giving notice to current employers, I was notifying other candidates for the jobs. I asked Jeff and Lisa not to spread the word generally until I finished telling the other candidates. By the time I finished doing that, I was starting a full day of meetings and interviews (I have four more positions to fill). (more…)

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I see I will be having a new colleague soon.

Voice of San Diego is hiring an Engagement Editor, which sounds a lot like my title, Director of Community Engagement. Whenever the position is filled, I will start networking with this new colleague. Maybe a couple more and we can form an association (FREE, Federation of Real Engagement Editors?) and start holding conventions. Any others out there I should be networking with already? Do social media editors count? (A Nieman Lab post says the San Diego job is more than social media, but I guess most social media editors would say that about their jobs, too.) (more…)

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