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After settling for the default WordPress blog theme for way too long, I have (with help from Jamie Kelly) mastered the rather simple steps of personalizing the blog and customizing some things I didn’t like about the appearance. I welcome your feedback on the appearance and ease of use.

I chose the photo of me at Bryce Canyon not just because it’s a beautiful place (though it is). As I wrote when I was at the American Press Institute, the newspaper business is not just experiencing a business cycle or erosion of readership. We are facing the kind of tectonic upheaval that created Bryce Canyon. I am hoping C3 can help us make something beautiful out of this change.


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The video of my explanation of the Complete Community Connection was just shown on the National Summit on Arts Journalism. Excellent production by Anastasia Shepherd and Gabriel Peters-Lazaro:

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I’ll be watching and joining the National Center for Arts Journalism today. It will feature a video interview of me about C3:

Live Video streaming by Ustream

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