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I am crowd-sourcing my plans for two social media courses I will be teaching next month. I will be teaching two continuing education courses at Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids: Using Social Media in Business and Online Social Networks for 50+ (Kirkwood offers a series of computer courses geared for people over 50).

I am seeking help from two types of people:

  • Active social media users willing to share their experience and advice, particularly in areas where my experience is light.
  • Social-media newbies or wannabes (including people planning to take the courses) willing to tell what confuses you, how you want to use social media, what you want to learn. It would be especially helpful if you’re a newbie or wannabe in either of the groups targeted in the class: people 50 and older or people wanting to use social media in business.

Below is an outline of my plan for the course on social media for business (outline for the 50+ class will come shortly), with some questions for you in bold. I welcome your advice on the outline or your answers to the questions. And if this sound like a good course for  you or someone you know, I would appreciate your registration for the class or encouraging your colleague(s) to register. (more…)


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