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I want to crowdsource much of the content for my workshop this week, The Blogger’s Voice.

I want to help journalists who are beginning bloggers understand how blogging is different from writing stories or a column. I have lots of thoughts on this, but I want to share more than my thoughts. So I welcome advice from experienced bloggers on all these questions (you will be credited by name):

  • How is blogging different from writing stories and how is it similar?
  • What is good advice for reporters (and their editors) who start blogging about whether/when opinion is acceptable?
  • Blogging tends to be more conversational than news writing. What are some tips on developing the conversational style? And do you have any cautions about topics or beats where that may not be appropriate (or where it’s absolutely appropriate, though journalistic reflexes might say otherwise)?
  • Do you have some tips to share on engaging the community and crowdsourcing stories through a blog?
  • What, if any, ethical issues should bloggers address?  
  • What other advice do you have for bloggers who are more experienced with reporting than with blogging?
  • What are some good online links for blogging journalists?

Thanks in advance for your help. I will be posting the handout for the blog later this week.


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