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I’ll start by acknowledging the obvious: I have an ego and it’s not small.

This post will share some praise for me and the Blueprint for the Complete Community Connection. Yes, I do enjoy being called a visionary and having people in Finland encouraged to check out my writing and I don’t mind telling you about that. But I hope this post will also illustrate how the connected world of social media works and show the value of digital tools. The story involves blogs, email, three different social networks and a Google translator. And it all took place in less time than it will take me to write this blog.

I received a pingback this morning on my blog, alerting me to a new link to the C3 blueprint. I clicked on the link and didn’t understand much at all in the Mediablogi post by Matti Lintulahti. I was puzzled about what language it was. It had lots of umlauts, but I took some German in high school years ago and knew it wasn’t German. Some of the words had a bit of a Russian sound, but I had never seen umlauts in Russian. I wondered if it might be another Slavic language, but the blog wasn’t using the Cyrillic alphabet. Didn’t seem quite Germanic or Slavic. (more…)

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