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I’ll be leading Edge Business Magazine‘s Twitter for Dummies workshop next Tuesday, April 14, from 7 to 8:30 a.m. at The Gazette, 500 3rd Ave. SE in Cedar Rapids. (Space is limited, so register now.) This is the tip sheet I will suggest that participants read after the workshop. I encourage Twitter users to add their tips in the comments. I also encourage you to check out a related post on links you might find helpful.

This is not the same as the webinar (or handout) that I did this week for the American Society of News Editors. That was focused on newsroom leaders. This one will focus on general use of Twitter in various businesses or walks of life.

Valid questions about Twitter use are welcome here as are critical comments in the context of addressing issues in the use of Twitter. For this post and the related post, I will not approve comments by non-journalists that simply complain about Twitter and my frequent writing about Twitter. Feel free to post them on another blog entry.

Twitter is a useful communication tool for people in many different businesses or professions. Many people also find Twitter fun, but that certainly is a matter of personal experience and taste. This handout will focus on the useful aspects of Twitter. Though I am a journalist and use Twitter mostly for purposes related to journalism, I will attempt to address the usefulness across a variety of fields. Where I use journalism examples, I hope you will think how they might apply in your business or profession.

Twitter is helpful for a variety of uses: (more…)


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This is a supplemental link for my Edge Business Magazine workshop, Twitter for Dummies, scheduled for Tuesday, April 14. I welcome journalists using Twitter to add links you have found helpful or journalists you recommend following. I posted some tips for using Twitter on a separate post.

Below are lots of links, grouped but in no particular order, to help out Twitter newbies, to help those wanting to move beyond the basics, and to help you decide whether Twitter is worth your time. (more…)

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